The Pauluskirche - Its history

Pauluskirche (Paul's Church)

Not long ago, one member of our parish said to me: The tower of Paul's Church, which is formed like an onion, has become the "O" in Ocholt for me. Is there a way to say it more beautifully? The church's tower has, in fact, become the landmark for Ocholt, even though it was heavily disputed in the public during the building of the church in the year 1956: Why do we need an onion-shaped tower in the Ammerland region? In the meantime, Ocholt's inhabitants have got used to the tower and many of them might also love it.

Paul's Church's exterior and interior has been consciously kept simple. You would not recognise it as a church, if there were no church tower in front of it. By the way, the church tower stands next to the building and is not integrated into the main building according to the regional tradition. An aisle, which is formed with plants to an arbour, connects the tower and the church. This aisle is especially liked by bridal couples.

Paul's Church offers room for up to 300 people. It gets very cramped though, if there are actually 300 people attending.

Some of Paul's Church's attractions are its windows, which have been created by the glass artist Koch from Neuenburg. The side windows are drawn with gentle waves, which meet each other in the main altar window below the cross. A symbol which leads to varying interpretations, and a view which comforts and pleases the services attendants.

A small but fine organ of the Führer company supports the sung parts of the services. A range of separated registers enables our organists to use the organ in varous ways.

The "fairy godmother" of Paul's Church ist Tatjana Golin. She is the sexton of the church and responsible for everything to run smoothly. She is also the organist and thus adds to the good mood during services.

Pastor Urs Muther

Services in German

"Open Church"
with the possibility of guided tours. (Please refer to the Parish's office: Tel.: 04409-343)


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