St. Petri-Kirche - Its History

St. Petri-Kirche (Church of Saint Peter)

With its remarkable 48 m high tower it is not only the oldest building in Westerstede but also the real town's landmark and the biggest church in the Ammerland region. The roman-gothic sacral building was erected during the period of the pontificate of the archbishop of Bremen (1123-1148). The latest three renovations (the Westtower, the Clockhouse and the Nave) were accomplished between 1979 and 1998.

As it is such an old church (almost 875 years have gone by since its erection), there are many remains of contemporary artists of the various periods. During the last renovation and remodelling (1994 - 1996) it was tried to keep the historical impression and to reinforce this effect by a careful deconstruction.

The Triumphal Cross Grouping, which was assembled in 1996, is one of the interesting sights within the church. On the wooden cross you see Mary on the left and St. John on the right side. The lifesize crucified Christ was created in the 15th century. The pulpit was donated by the last donzel of Fikensolt in 1607 and was altered for the 300th anniversary of the Reformation in 1817. The whole nave and the sanctuary were given a new lime-white paint in 1996. The paintings on the groined and barrel vaults were originally created during the Renaissance period. Next to the pulpit on the right you can see an oil painting with a bright golden frame. It shows the last Supper, Jesus with his Disciples, who lie on cushions around the table.

The organ of the St. Petri-Kirche was built in 1971, historically a baroque organ, with a north German sound concept, 22 registers and 1256 melodic pipes, mechanical action and slider chests. The portal is also worth seeing, with its font made out of granite; the altar and behind it the passion altar, the copper relief, the stall are remarkable elements as well as many other pieces of art. The St. Petri-Kirche is well worth a visit.


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